NOTE: This list has not been actively maintained in some time, and this page needs a major overhaul. Please use caution and double check any information you retrieve from this page! Some ACE recommendations are likely out of date, and course equivalencies and policies have changed.

This listing was created by DegreeForum member KayV on 6/23/13.  It may be useful to some students looking for course alternatives through Penn Foster College that can be transferred to Thomas Edison State University.

NOTE:  This list is unofficial!  Always check with TESU or any school you wish to transfer these courses to before enrolling!  Remember that Penn Foster is nationally accredited while schools like TESU are regionally accredited! The Penn Foster courses have to be currently ACE-approved in order to be accepted by TESU (see the ACE National Guide for more). 

Penn Foster Business Courses/ TESU Course Equivalencies

1. Business and Technical Writing Technical Writing (ENG-216)
2. Business Law I Business Law (LAW-201)
3. Business Law II Business Law II (LAW-202)
4. Business Statistics Business Statistics (STA-201)
5. Consumer Behavior Consumer Behavior (MAR-351)
6. Corporate Finance Corporate Finance (FIN-311)*
7. Cost Accounting Cost Accounting (ACC-303)*
8. Customer Service Customer Support (APS-302)
9. Economics I Macroeconomics (ECO-111)
10. Economics II Microeconomics (ECO-112)
11. Employee Benefits Employee Benefits (HRM-337)*
12. Engineering Mechanics Applied Mechanics (EGM-111)
13. Financial Accounting Principles of Financial Accounting (ACC-101)
14. Financial Management Principles of Finance (FIN-301)*
15. History of Labor in the United States History of American Labor (HIS-315)
16. Human Resources Management Human Resources Management (HRM-331)*
17. Intermediate Accounting I Intermediate Accounting I (ACC-201)
18. Intermediate Accounting II Intermediate Accounting II (ACC-202)
19. International Business International Business (MAN-371)*
20. Interpersonal Communication Interpersonal Communication (COM-330)
21. Introduction to Business Introduction to Business (BUS-101)
22. Introduction to Programming Introduction to Programming (CMP-111)
23. Labor Relations Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining (LAS-321)*
24. Managerial Accounting Managerial Accounting (ACC-301)*
25. Manufacturing Materials and Processes Introduction to Manufacturing (MFT-204)
26. Marketing Introduction to Marketing (MAR-301)*
27. Marketing Research Marketing Research (MAR-411)*
28. Merchandise Planning and Buying Principles of Retailing (REM-201)
29. Organizational Behavior Organizational Behavior (HRM-311)* or (MAN-311)* or (PSY-361)
30. Principles of Management Principles of Management (MAN-301)*
31. Retail Management Retail Management (REM-301)*
32. Securities and Investments Fundamentals of Financial Planning (BUS-291)
33. Strategic Business Management Strategic Management (BUS-421)*
34. Supervision and Leadership Principles of Supervision (MAN-201)
35. Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management (OPM-420)*
36. Training Concepts Training & Development (HRM-365)*

Penn Foster Upper Level Business Courses

1. Business Statistics Business Statistics (STA-201)
2. Corporate Finance Corporate Finance (FIN-311)*
3. Cost Accounting Cost Accounting (ACC-303)*
4. Customer Service Customer Support (APS-302)
5. Employee Benefits Employee Benefits (HRM-337)*
6. Financial Management Principles of Finance (FIN-301)*
7. Human Resources Management Human Resources Management (HRM-331)*
8. International Business International Business (MAN-371)*
9. Labor Relations Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining (LAS-321)*
10. Managerial Accounting Managerial Accounting (ACC-301)*
11. Marketing Introduction to Marketing (MAR-301)*
12. Marketing Research Marketing Research (MAR-411)*
13. Organizational Behavior Organizational Behavior (HRM-311)* or (MAN-311)* or (PSY-361)
14. Principles of Management Principles of Management (MAN-301)*
15. Retail Management Retail Management (REM-301)*
16. Strategic Business Management Strategic Management (BUS-421)*
17. Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management (OPM-420)*
18. Training Concepts Training & Development (HRM-365)*

19. Consumer Behavior Consumer Behavior (MAR-351)

Penn Foster Upper Level Social Science Courses

A. History
History of Labor in the United States/ History of American Labor (HIS-315)

B. Psychology
Child, Family, and Community possibly Worlds of Childhood (PSY-317)
Consumer Behavior/ Consumer Psychology (PSY-345) - confirm with your program advisor this course can be used to fill a PSY requirement
Correctional Institutions/ Psychology of Incarceration (PSY-330)
Organizational Behavior/ Organizational Behavior (PSY-361)
Victimology/ Victimology (PSY-364)

C. Sociology
Correctional Institutions/ Sociology of Incarceration (SOC-309)
Crisis Intervention/ Crisis Intervention (SOC-305)
Cultural Diversity in the Early Childhood Program possibly Cultural Diversity in the United States (SOC-322)
Organized Crime/ Organized Crime (SOC-359)
Victimology/ Victimology (SOC-339)

D. Social Science
Terrorism/ Terrorism (SOS-440)

E. Political Science
Courts/ The Judicial System (POS-387)
International Relations/ International Relations I (POS-315)

Penn Foster Lower Level Humanities

1. Art Appreciation/ A World of Art (ART-100)
2. Business and Technical Writing/ Technical Writing (ENG-201)
3. Earth Science/ General Earth Science (EAS-101)
4. Economics I/ Macroeconomics (ECO-111)
5. Economics II/ Microeconomics (ECO-112)
6. English Composition/ English Composition I (ENC-101)
7. Essentials of Psychology/ Introduction to Psychology (PSY-101)
8. Foundations of Political Science/ Introduction to Political Science (POS-101)
9. Introduction to Biology/ Introductory Biology (BIO-101)
10. Introduction to Literature/ Literature I (LIT-101)
11. Introduction to Sociology/ Introduction to Sociology (SOC-101)
12. Music Appreciation/ Music Appreciation (MUS-100)
13. Physical Science/ Natural Sciences I (NAS-101)
14. Speech/ Principles of Public Speaking (COM-209)

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