The following are actual degree plans provided by those who used them. These provide real-world examples of the alternative education approach at Thomas Edison State University (formerly Thomas Edison State College)

WARNING: Most of the degree plans below are out of date. TESU made major changes to general education requirements in 2015. There were also major changes to the requirements for Business Administration, Criminal Justice, and Psychology degree programs. Additionally, TESU no longer accepts FEMA credits. Finally, there are new cornerstone and capstone requirements.

Following old degree plans without making the necessary adjustments for current requirements can lead to a waste of time, money and the possibly missing deadlines.  Please use these plans for assistance in planning your degree. However, verify with our forum community that you are on track!

Bricabrac's Four Degrees

Bricabrac completed four degrees in two years for less than the average tuition for one year at a state school! Notice the extensive use of overlapping credits in bricabrac's degree plans. 24 credits were transferred in from community college.

Degree Cost* Time Required
Bricabrac's AAS in Administrative Studies $2,491 4.5 mos (start 08-2009, completed 12-2009. grad 03-2010)
Bricabrac's BA in Social Science $3,687 6.5 mos (start 01-2010, completed 07-2010. grad 09-2010)
Bricabrac's BSBA in General Management $3,937 1 yr (start 07-2010, completed 06-2011. grad 09-2011)
Bricabrac's AAS in Environmental, Safety, and Security Technologies $0 (used all overlap credits except for FEMAs, which were free) 2 days to complete 7 new FEMA courses (start 07-2011, completed 07-2011. grad 09-2011)
Totals $10,115

2 years

JSD's BA Degree Plans

Lindagerr's four degrees user Lindagerr completed four degrees at TESU. She took a more methodical pace and spent six years accumulating the degrees, still faster than some people complete one. Her total cost was roughly $12,000-15,000 including all study materials.

Clep101's BA in History

View Clep101's BA in History degree plan in the forums. Clep101 began working on this degree in May 2010 and completed it in March 2011 using this plan, a total of 10 months.  

NOTE:  This degree was completed prior to the requirement by TESU of a capstone course for all BA degrees that was implemented in 2012.  Always check their website for the most current information. 

Clep101 used the following sources of credit to complete this degree:

AARTS Army classes
CTC Central Texas College
DLPT Defense Language Proficiency Test
TESU Courses from Thomas Edison State College
EC Courses from Excelsior College
CLEP Test-out
DSST Test-out

Note that Clep101 also completed two degrees from Excelsior College using the same method. Because of Army Tuition Assistance and the GI Bill, he only paid roughly $300 in books plus the graduation fees for a total of just over $500.

Levi's degree plan

Levi's BSBA in General Management

IrishJohn's BA in History

IrishJohn's BA in History

TESU BA in History Degree Plan Template

Krisboelte1's BSBA in Finance

Krisboelte1's BSBA in Finance

Alleycat's BA in Humanities

Alleycat's Humanities Degree Plan

Cookderosa's template degree plans

The following degree plan templates were created by long-time user cookderosa.

Cookderosa's AA in General Education
Cookderosa's BA in Social Science

Oe800_85's BA in Math Plan

  1. My degree plan for a Math Major at TESU, I'll write up another quick one that doesn't require my B&M credit.
  2. Altered version of my degree plan, allowing you to get a Math degree with the fewest courses (I think) possible.

Yanji's BSBA in General Management

Yanji's BSBA Degree Plan

Dspoborne's BS in Nuclear Energy Engineering Technology

Dposborne's BS in Nuclear Energy Engineering Technology

Armyb77's Degree Plan for BSBA in General Management

Total Cost of Degree: $4,299.67 Armyb77's BSBA in General Management

AlbaTiVo's Degree Plans

AlbaTivo's AAS in Applied Computer Studies

AlbaTiVo's BA in Natural Sciences/Mathematics

Westerner's BA History

Westerner's TESU BA History (2012-2014)

TrailRunr's BA in CS and Math

TrailRunr's Double Major in CS and Math

Joeman200's BA in Criminal Justice