Are you looking into getting your Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from TESU? Well you have come to the right page. I will try and keep this Up to date as often as possible. This Will Include for the Most Part the most commonly used options. I will update this with more links and information as I go. If you have any suggestions please contact me.

Intellectual and Practical Skills (15)

Written Communication (6) :

English Composition I - Straighterline,, CLEP

English Composition II - Straighterline,, CLEP

Oral Communication (3) :

Intro to Communications - Straighterline,, DSST

Quantitative Literacy (3) :

College Algebra - ALEKS (Still available until at least 6/30 will update when more info is available)

Information Literacy (3) :

Analyzing and Interpreting Literature - CLEP (6 Credits), (3 Credits)

Civic and Global Learning (9)

Diversity (3) :

General Sociology - CLEP,, Straighterline

Ethics (2) :

FREE Insurance Ethics Course or If you want a three credit source use Straighterline,,

Civic Engagement (3) :

American Government - CLEP,, Straighterline

Knowledge of Human Cultures (9)

U.S History I : Shmoop

U.S History II : Shmoop

Modern European History : Shmoop

These are available elsewhere but I don't think you can get all three for the same price as Shmoop. I personally did not like Shmoop courses but I got through them. If you have time left they offer Math and English courses you may be able to get one of those done also.

Understanding the Physical & Natural World (4-7)

Biology I / II :

CLEP - All 6 of your credits for this is done in one test. Maybe not the easiest method but a few good weeks of studying and getting a 50 on the CLEP is two classes worth.

Mathematics (3)

Statistics :

ALEKS (Until 6/30),, Straighterline

General Education Electives (17-20)

I will not list these out. Take your choice of General Educations. There is a ton of different ones and sources. If you want quick you may want to take 6 Credit CLEPS. You will need 17-20 credits worth in here depending on if you did the 2 credit ethics course.

Professional Business Requirements (36)

Financial Accounting :

Accounting I or Financial Accounting or CLEP

Managerial Accounting :

Accounting II or Managerial Accounting

Business Law :

Introductory Business Law or Business Law or CLEP

Principles of Management :

Management - SL, Principles of Management, CLEP

Computer Concepts and Applications :

IT Fundamentals

Introduction to Marketing :

CLEP, Principles of Marketing

Principles of Finance :

DSST, Principles of Finance

Business in Society or International Management :

TECEP or Globalization & International Management

Macroeconomics :

CLEP, Straighterline,, Saylor

Microeconomics :

CLEP, Straighterline,, Saylor

Business Communications :

Straighterline,, Saylor

Strategic Management :

CAPSTONE COURSE - Currently Either TECEP or Course from TESU


Area Of Study(18)

Intermediate Accounting I :

SL's Financial Accounting - This will come into TESU as Intermediate Accounting I

Intermediate Accounting II :

"Penn Foster", However, they increased their prices so taking this cheaply at a Community College is probably a better bet.

Update : Intermediate Accounting I and Intermediate Accounting II are available at but they are NOT ACE approved as of 5/16/2017.

12 UL AoS Credits Needed

Applied Managerial Accounting -'s Applied Managerial Accounting

Advanced Accounting I -'s Advanced Accounting

Cost Accounting -

SL's Managerial Accounting -OR- Cost Accounting - From

Federal Income Taxation -

Federal Income Taxation TECEP -Comes in as ACC-421 at TESU.

If you don't like 1 or more of the above options CSU Global Offers CBE's for UL Accounting courses. They cost $250 each and should transfer to TESU. Always get prior approval on CBE's from CSU Global prior to taking them as I have been hearing mixed reviews lately.

CSU Global CBE's

Free Electives (6)

You can use just about anything in here. You can use some of the free TEEX Courses. I went the route of Personal Finance, and Business Math. Recommended to use more Accounting Courses if you can find them. I will have my current two bumped for ACC courses once I am fully completed.

Personal Finance

Personal Finance - SL

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