Although there is a very limited handful of of Free Sources of Credit, you'll have to pay for the overwhelming majority of credit options. This page provides a list of some of the more popular, cheaper options. This info was initially compiled by DegreeForum user bjcheung77, and has been revised expanded on by our wikia community.


Cost as of Dec 2016: $25 fee for ProctorU service.

Saylor has both ACE and NCCRS approved exams. You get credit for passing a proctored final exam, similar to CLEP, DSST, or even a TECEP. A free course is provided to learn the exam material, but many feel that some of their courses are cumbersome and disorganized. This is what I recommend: Review the table of contents from Saylor course and skim through lengthy material. Grab a textbook from the library and review the same details as well as an extra resource.

Enter your own Coles Notes version of the details you're studying for review and helping you remember info. One thing I do is, create a second Saylor account for practice final exam, to see how I do. This is because, if you fail the practice exam, you have to wait 14 days for the proctored final, it hinders your speed. And the second reason is, it will tell you what you need work on, you're familiar with possible questions for final.

Note: The practice final questions are not going to be identical to the proctored final. Having a second account isn't cheating and it's giving you an extra practice set to "gauge" where you're at. Hope this helps, more practice testing is where it's all at to pass any proctored exam. Example: TECEP for Network Technology actually uses the Saylor Course as a free resource. I'll use the Saylor course for review, but will use a Network+ study guide for good measure.


Cost as of Dec 2016: Typically $49-$69 per course, plus $99/month membership fee. Coupons often available.

Another option is taking courses at Straighterline, if it's more suited for you. It's a quick set of work, midterm, and then a proctored final exam, generally 75-80% work/20-25% exam. People like this as they can "pass" the course with high grades for coursework, and mediocre final. If you're taking Straighterline courses, take as much as you can in a monthly membership. Basically work hard on "coursework/exams" and on the final, having peace of mind knowing you passed.

Penn Foster

Cost as of Dec 2016: $329 per course

These courses are geared towards the individuals wanting upper credit courses for TESU BSBA. There are webinars, homework, exams and finals. Individuals have been able to complete these within 3-4 weeks (or sometimes sooner). Penn Foster is a nationally accredited college, meaning their courses typically won't transfer into standard regionally accredited schools (including the Big 3). However, they have had many of their courses ACE-approved for college credit, so those particular credits are transferable to the Big 3. You can check Unofficial List of Course Equivalencies for Penn Foster & Thomas Edison State College for how some of these ACE courses may transfer in to TESU, but be aware that this list is likely outdated and ACE approva changes reguklarly. Please check ACE accreditation on your own prior to attempting.

Free Options

As mentioned in the overview, there are a small amount of credit options you can use for free. Please see the Degree Forum Wikia page we have setup specifically for these options:

Helpful Links

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