This is a degree map for Thomas Edison State University's Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in General Management  built by user sanantone. Please check your specific TESU catalog to ensure the degree requirements match those listed here.

Please note that this degree map only includes the area of study requirements, and you should combine these courses with a general education requirement map (such as Sanantone's General Education Options).

Quantitative Literacy


Six credits are needed.

  • College Algebra or Quantitative Analysis: ALEKS (College Algebra or College Algebra with Trigonometry), Straighterline College Algebra, CLEP College Algebra, Saylor Beginning Algebra (transcribed as College Algebra), TECEP College Algebra, CSU Global CBE Quantitative Business Analysis, and UExcel Quantitative Analysis
  • Any College-Level Mathematics Course: This includes Intermediate Algebra and Applied Liberal Arts Mathematics. ALEKS might be best option.

Business Core

  • Financial Accounting: CLEP, UExcel, TECEP, CSU Global CBE, or Straighterline (Accounting I)
  • Managerial Accounting: UExcel, TECEP, CSU Global CBE or Straighterline (Accounting II)
  • Principles of Finance: DSST and UExcel
  • Business Law: CLEP, UExcel, Straighterline, Saylor (Business Law and Ethics), CSU Global CBE (The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business)
  • Business in Society or International Management: TECEP
  • Strategic Management: TECEP (can no longer be transferred from outside sources)
  • Computer Concepts and Applications/Introduction to Computers/CIS: CLEP (Information Systems and Computer Applications), DSST (Introduction to Computing or Management Information Systems), TECEP Computer Concepts and Applications, and Saylor (Introduction to Computer Science I)
  • Introduction to Marketing: CLEP, Saylor, and UExcel
  • Principles of Management: CLEP, UExcel ECEP, Saylor, and Straighterline
  • Microeconomics: Straighterline, UExcel, TECEP, and CLEP
  • Macroeconomics: Straighterline, UExcel, ECEP, and CLEP
  • Business/Managerial Communications: Straighterline, Saylor (Corporate Communication), UExcel (Workplace Communication with Computers), TECEP


18 credits, at least one course in three of the four areas, and minimum of 12 upper level credits

  • DSST Management Information Systems (UL) - Management
  • DSST Money and Banking (UL) - Finance
  • DSST, Straighterline, or Uexcel Organizational Behavior (UL) - Management
  • DSST or Uexcel ECEP Human Resource Management (UL) - Management
  • Uexcel Labor Relations (UL?) - Management
  • Straighterline Managerial Accounting (transcribed as Cost Accounting and UL)
  • Straighterline Financial Accounting (transcribed as Intermediate Accounting)
  • TECEP Federal Income Taxation (UL) - Accounting
  • TECEP Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (UL) - Finance
  • TECEP Financial Institutions and Markets (UL) - Finance
  • TECEP Marketing Communications (UL) - Marketing
  • TECEP Sales Management (UL) - Marketing
  • TECEP Advertising (UL) - Marketing
  • TECEP or Uexcel Operations Management (UL) - Management
  • TECEP Public Relations: Thought and Practice - Marketing
  • TECEP Negotiations and Conflict Management (UL) - Management
  • Saylor Business Statistics (transcribed as an operations management course and UL)) – Management
  • CSU Global CBE Intermediate Accounting – Accounting
  • CSU Global CBE Intermediate Accounting II – Accounting
  • CSU Global CBE Federal Individual Taxation (UL and duplicates TECEP) – Accounting
  • CSU Global CBE Government and Nonprofit Accounting (UL) – Accounting
  • CSU Global CBE Business Taxation (UL) – Accounting
  • CSU Global CBE Information Systems for Accounting (UL?) – Accounting
  • CSU Global CBE Auditing (UL) – Accounting
  • CSU Global CBE Cost Accounting (UL) – Accounting
  • CSU Global CBE Advanced Accounting (UL?) – Accounting
  • CSU Global CBE Analyzing Financial Statements (UL?) – Finance
  • CSU Global CBE Human Resources Development and Management (UL) – Management
  • CSU Global CBE Managing and Leading Teams (UL?) – Management
  • CSU Global CBE Employment, Law, and Policy (UL) – Management
  • CSU Global CBE Training and Staff Development (UL) – Management
  • CSU Global CBE Organizational Development (UL) – Management
  • CSU Global CBE Managerial Economics? (UL) – Finance
  • CSU Global CBE Conflict Management and Negotiation (UL) – Management
  • CSU Global CBE Strategic Innovation and Ideas (UL?) – Management
  • CSU Global CBE Leadership in Operations Management (UL) – Management
  • CSU Global CBE Introduction to Small Business/Entrepreneurship (level unknown) - Management
  • CSU Global CBE Consumer Behavior (UL) – Marketing
  • CSU Global CBE Promotion and Public Relations – Marketing
  • CSU Global CBE Market Research (UL) – Marketing
  • CSU Global CBE Project Procurement and Contract Management – Management

Free Electives Edit

6 credits from any course or test accepted by TESU.

Notes Edit

The rest of the general education requirements are listed in Sanantone's General Education Options

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