This is a degree map for Thomas Edison State University's Bachelor of Arts in History built primarily by user sanantone. Please check your specific TESU catalog to ensure the degree requirements match those listed here.

Please note that this degree map only includes the area of study requirements, and you should combine these courses with a general education requirement map (such as Sanantone's General Education Options).

Required Courses

  • Western Civilization I & II or World History I & II: CLEP Western Civilization I & CLEP Western Civilization II, Straighterline Western Civilization I & Straighterline Western Civilization II, US Western Civilization I & II
  • American History I & II: CLEP History of the United States I & CLEP History of the United States II, Straighterline United States History I & Straighterline United States History II, Shmoop US History I & II??, US History I & II, AP US History
  • Non-Western/Non-United States History: No known options
  • Historical Methods/Historiography: AMU HIST300 or TESU's HIS-397
  • Required Liberal Arts Capstone (UL): Has to be taken at TESU

History Electives

A total of 18 UL credits are required, and the required liberal arts capstone counts as three of those credits. 

  • DSST The Civil War and Reconstruction

  • DSST A History of the Vietnam War (UL)
  • DSST History of the Soviet Union (UL)
  • UExcel World Conflicts Since 1900 (UL)
  • Schmoop Modern European History
  • The Civil War and Reconstruction
  • The American Civil War Era
  • History of the Vietnam War (UL) or Causes and Effects of the Vietnam War (UL) (duplicates)

    Note: There are potentially NCCRS-approved, UL history options available at Coopersmith/Tor College Credits.

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