The information below is generally geared towards the Thomas Edison State University BSBA General Management. You can modify the AOS (Area of Study) accordingly if you're going for a different AOS concentration. For individuals who like online testing, you would just substitute these or the spreadsheets as those are geared towards online testing and not testing by CLEP/DSST.


Follow these points of advice for maximum transfer credit to Big 3 and/or WGU

  1. Create an ACE Credit Registry account for transcripts for school you plan to attend
  2. Complete the Free Sources of Credit - Institutes Ethics, FEMA, NFA and TEEX courses,
  3. Get ACE transcripts for above scources & other transcripts from any old colleges/universities attended and send it to your school of choice.
  4. Create a spreadsheet, course template/plan of action for credit transfer to Big 3 and/or WGU
  5. If missing credits, use ALEKS for Math/Stat, Penn Foster, Saylor, Straighterline, and for the rest
  6. Apply to Big 3 and/or WGU, get evaluation, and try to appeal as much credits as possible
  7. Decide on which of the Big 3 and/or WGU you want to go into and finish degree as planned
  8. Obtain degree requirements by following spreadsheet and completing courses according to plan/pace

Mapping Out Your Plan

Using the following info, create your spreadsheet or modify the one I have created

With this info, you should be able to map out where you are and what courses are required. Good luck. You can then get yourself a calendar and schedule yourself, pace yourself, maybe do a few courses a month. Generally speaking, the AOS is the hardest part to find the courses, don't spend too much time on deciding. If you would like a different concentration such as the CIS, the only difference is the AOS. Just do it! You can follow this plan to the T and get the degree you need, or make very minor modifications.  Don't stall!

Side Note: If you find this helpful and you have completed your degree with this information, please PM me [bjcheung77] and send me a message or a picture of your success.  I love reading success stories, I just warms my heart to see others happy and feeling great.  I look forward to myself completing that elusive Bachelors degree as well and I can then work on the Masters. For many of us, we're using this opportunity to study to better ourselves and improve our own knowledge.   I hope you all have a great journey and get to complete something as elusive yet simple as this...  When I look back at the times I've fallen, I've gotten back up and am still working hard to get this completed for my own benefit and self fulfillment.

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