This degree plan is based on an outdated catalog. Do not use this plan as a template for your own degree path. You can develop a new plan based on the current catalog for the school you wish to attend, and visit DegreeForum to get help from members who can assist you.

Overview user Lindagerr completed a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science degree at Thomas Edison State College using the below degree plan.

NOTE:  This degree was completed prior to the requirement by TESC of a capstone course for all BA degrees that was implemented in 2012.  Always check their website for the most current information. 


What the Notes Mean

*CC    Community College Credit
*DUP   Duplicates other credits
*NE    Non-course Equivalency (meaning a CLEP, DSST, ALEKS, etc)
*NEW   New course to 2nd degree
*PL    Planned Credit
*RI    Ruled Ineligible for this program
*TE    Transfer Equivalency (Meaning Non TESC credit)

The Plan

BA General Education Distribution (42 SH)

   Semester Hours Completed: 42.00
   Complete all 5 subrequirements:
   A: English Composition (Completed)
      > Complete one full year of English Composition with a grade
      > of C or better.
      Semester Hours Completed: 6.00
      GPA Achieved/Needed: 4.000 / 2.000
      Group 1 (Completed)
         Semester Hours Completed: 6.00
          Src Course #   Title                     S.H.    Grd TESC #     Notes
          1.. 35111      English I................ 3.00    A   ENC-101    *CC *TE
          1.. 35112      English II............... 3.00    A   ENC-102    *CC *TE

   B: Humanities (Completed)
      > Complete 12 semester hours of Humanities, including at
      > least two subject areas.
         Semester Hours Completed: 12.00
          Src Course #   Title                     S.H.    Grd TESC #     Notes
          2.. LIT-221... Children's Literature.... 3.00    A-
          2.. LIT-292... Analysis and Inter of Lit 3.00    CR  LIT-292    *NE
          2.. LIT-291... Analysis & Interpre Liter 3.00    CR  LIT-291    *NE
          2.. ENG-201... Technical Writing........ 3.00    CR  ENG-201    *NE

   C: Social Sciences (Completed)
      > Complete 12 semester hours in the Social Sciences,
      > including at least two subject areas.
         Semester Hours Completed: 12.00
          Src Course #   Title                     S.H.    Grd TESC #     Notes
          2.. SOS-102... Social Sciences and Histo 3.00    CR  SOS-102    *NE
          2.. SOS-101... Social Sciences and Histo 3.00    CR  SOS-101    *NE
          2.. SOC-101... Introduction to Sociology 3.00    CR  SOC-101    *NE
          2.. PSY-101... Introduction to Psycholog 3.00    CR  PSY-101    *NE

   D: Mathematics (Completed)
      > Complete a 3 semester hour college-level Mathematics
      > course.
          Src Course #   Title                     S.H.    Grd TESC #     Notes
          2.. MAT-115... Intermediate Algebra..... 3.00    CR  MAT-115    *NE

   E: Natural Sciences (Completed)
      > Complete 9 semester hours in the Natural Sciences,
      > including at least two subject areas.
         Semester Hours Completed: 9.00
          Src Course #   Title                     S.H.    Grd TESC #     Notes
          2.. NAS-102... Natural Sciences II...... 3.00    CR  NAS-102    *NE
          2.. NAS-101... Natural Sciences I....... 3.00    CR  NAS-101    *NE
          2.. MAT-102... General Math I........... 3.00    CR  MAT-102    *NE
BA General Education Electives (18 SH)
      > Complete 18 semester hours from any of the following
      > General Education subjects: Humanities, Social Sciences,
      > Natural Sciences or Mathematics.
         Semester Hours Completed: 18.00
          Src Course #   Title                     S.H.    Grd TESC #     Notes

          1.. 64104      College Trig............. 3.00    B   MAT-129    *CC *TE
          1.. 64103      College Algebra.......... 3.00    B   MAT-121    *CC *TE
          2.. STA-201... Principles of Statistics. 3.00    CR  STA-201    *NEW *NE
          2.. EDU-102... Foundations of Education. 3.00    CR  EDU-102    *NE
          2.. ENS-201... Env. & Hum.: Race Save Pl 3.00    CR  ENS-201    *NE
          2.. REL-405... Intro. to World Religions 3.00    CR  REL-405    *NE
BA Social Science 2010 (33 SH)
   Semester Hours Completed: 33.00
   GPA Achieved/Needed: none / 2.000

   Complete both subrequirements:
   A: Concentration (27) (Pending)
      > Complete 27 credits in the Social Sciences.  At least THREE
      > different subjects must be included for breadth of
      > knowledge.  A student must earn at least 12 semester hours
      > in ONE subject.  A maximum of 18 semester hours can be
      > earned in any ONE subject area in order to have a balanced
      > interdisciplinary concentration.  A maximum of TWO college
      > level courses equating to the 100 level can be applied
      > toward the area of concentration.  A deeper knowledge of
      > subjects is provided by requiring that a minimum of 18
      > semester hours be at the 300 and/or 400 level.  **It is
      > highly recommended that course LIB-495 be completed to
      > satisfy 3 semester hours of this requirement.**
         Semester Hours Completed: 27.00
          Src Course #   Title                     S.H.    Grd TESC #     Notes
          2.. HIS-351... A History of Vietnam War. 3.00    CR  HIS-351    *NE
          2.. PSY-211... Developmental Psychology. 3.00    CR  PSY-211    *NE
          2.. PSY-230... Intro. to Educational Psy 3.00    CR  PSY-230    *NE
          2.. PSY-270... Psychology of Women...... 3.00    CR
          2.. PSY-310    Psychological Evaluation. (3.00)  --- PSY-310    *PL *TE
          2.. SOS-305    Drug and Alcohol Abuse... (3.00)  --- SOS-305    *PL *TE
          2.. PSY-361    Organizational Behavior.. (3.00)  --- PSY-361    *PL *TE
          2.. HIS-309    Intro. to the Mod. Middle (3.00)  --- HIS-309    *PL *TE
          2.. HIS-386    Rise and Fall of Soviet.. (3.00)  --- HIS-386    *PL *TE

   B: Concentration (6) (Pending)
      > Complete 6 semester hours of Social Sciences coursework at
      > any college level.
         Semester Hours Completed: 6.00
          Src Course #   Title                     S.H.    Grd TESC #     Notes
          2.. AOJ-102    Intro. to Criminal Justi. (3.00)  --- AOJ-102    *PL *NEW *TE
          2.. POS-110    American Government...... (3.00)  --- POS-110    *PL *TE
BA Free Electives (27 SH)
      > Complete 27 semester hours of Free Electives.
         Semester Hours Completed: 29.00
          Src Course #   Title                     S.H.    Grd TESC #     Notes
          2.. SES-131... Word Processing Fund'ls.. 3.00    CR
          2.. COS-101... Introduction to Computers 3.00    CR  COS-101    *NE
          2.. ENS-314... Global Environmental Chan 6.00    A
          1.. 16211      Organic Chem I........... 5.00    A   CHE-341    *CC *TE
          1.. 16104      Gen Chem II.............. 4.00    A   CHE-122    *CC *TE
          3.. CHEM120    Inorganic Biochem........ 4.00    A   CHE-199    *CC *TE
          4.. SCI101     Physical Science......... 4.00    C   NAS-131    *CC *TE
   Src Course #   Title                     S.H.    Grd TESC #     Notes

   --- ---------- ------------------------- ------- --- ---------- ---------

   1   72132      Aerobic Dancing           1.00    A   PEA-199     *TE*CC
   1   16212      Organic Chem II           5.00    C   CHE-342     *TE*CC
   4   BIO111     Human Anat & Phys I       4.00    C   BIO-211     *TE*CC
   4   BIO112     Human Anat & Phys II      4.00    D   BIO-212     *TE*CC
   4   SCO121     Introduction to Sociology 3.00    D   SOC-101     *RI*TE*DUP*CC
   2   EDU-321    Literacy Instr in Elem Sc 6.00    CR  EDU-321     *NE
   2   EDM-101    Emer.Prog.Mgr.Orient.To P 1.00    CR  EDM-101     *NE
   2   EDM-154    Hazardous Materials:a Cit 1.00    CR  EDM-154     *NE
   2   EDM-103    A Citizen's Guide to Dis. 1.00    CR  EDM-103     *NE
   2   EDM-191    Animals in Disaster-A     1.00    CR  EDM-191     *NE
   2   EDM-242    Anticip Hazardous Weather 1.00    CR  EDM-242     *NE
   2   HIS-101    Western Civilization I    (3.00)      HIS-101     *TE*PL
   2   HIS-113    American History I        (3.00)      HIS-113     *TE*PL
   2   EDM-107    Fundamentals of Emergency (1.00)      EDM-107     *TE*NEW*PL

   2   EDM-172    Radiological Emergency R  (1.00)      EDM-172     *TE*NEW*PL
   2   EDM-378    Radiolog. Emerg Response  (1.00)      EDM-378     *TE*NEW*PL
   2   EDM-121    Community Hurricane Prep  (1.00)      EDM-121     *TE*NEW*PL
   2   EDM-241    Prot Home/Small Bus From  (1.00)      EDM-241     *TE*NEW*PL
   2   EDM-190    Build.For Earthqua.Of To  (1.00)      EDM-190     *TE*NEW*PL
   2   EDM-140    Introduction to Mitigati  (1.00)      EDM-140     *TE*NEW*PL
   2   EDM-152    Hazardous Material &Risk  (1.00)      EDM-152     *TE*NEW*PL
   2   EDM-299    Coordinating Envir & Hist (1.00)      EDM-299     *TE*NEW*PL
(Credits in parentheses are anticipated earned)

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