This degree plan is based on an outdated catalog. Do not use this plan as a template for your own degree path. You can develop a new plan based on the current catalog for the school you wish to attend, and visit DegreeForum to get help from members who can assist you.


Below is the degree plan used by user Krisboelte1 to complete a BSBA in Finance through Thomas Edison State University. This degree plan uses a mixture of community college courses, university courses (Liberty University and University of Phoenix), TESU courses, TECEPs, and PLAs. Completing the 64 credits that remained after transferring in prior college credits took 11 months.

Read more from Krisboelte1 describing how this plan was used as well as general advice for those working towards a TESC degree.


The Plan

Type of Course Course Credit Where Date Credit
General Education Writing to Inform Course BCC 1986 3
Writing and Research Course BCC 1986 3
Managerial Communications ( MAN 373) Course TESC 11-Jul 3
Intercultural Communication Course BCC 1986 3
Communications Course BCC 1986 3
World Lit Course BCC 1986 3
Macro CLEP Liberty Apr-11 3
Micro CLEP Phoenix Nov-11 3
Psych II Course BCC 1987 3
World Civ Course BCC 1987 3
Quant Business Analysis Course TESC 4/11/11 3
Statistics Course TESC 4/11/11 3
Life Sciences (Biology) Course BCC 6/9/05 3
Intro to Education Course BCC 6/9/05 3
Sociodrama Course BCC 6/9/05 3
Intro to Human Services Course BCC 6/9/05 3
Sociodrama ii Course BCC 6/9/05 3
Intro to Psych Course TESC 7/1/11 3
Gen Math (MAT 103) Course Averett 10/19/11 3
Gen Math(MAT 102 CLEP Averett 10/19/11 3
Foundations of Ed(EDU 102) DSST Phoenix 11/19/11 3
Core Principles of Financial Acct Course TESC 4/1/11 3
Principles of Managerial Acct (ACC 102) Course TESC 7/11/11 3
Business Law I Course OCC 6/10/05 3
Computer Literary (COS 101) CLEP Phoenix 11/5/11 3
Principles of Finance (FIN 301) DSST Phoenix 12/10/11 3
Principles of Management (Man 301) CLEP Averett 11/5/11 3
Principles of Marketing Course BCC 6/9/05 3
Business in Society (Bus 311) DSST Phoenix 11/19/11 3
Business Policy (Bus 421) TECEP Library
Estate Planning PLA TESC 4/11/11 3
Security Analysis and Portfolio PLA TESC 4/11/11 3
Fund'ls of Financial Planning PLA TESC 4/11/11 3
Money and Banking (ECO 332) DSST Phoenix 12/10/11 3
Financial Inst and Markets (Fin 331) TECEP Library 3
Int Finance and Markets (FIN 334) Course TESC 7/11/11 3
Estate Planning II (Ins 342) PLA TESC 7/11/11 3
Marketing Comm.(Mar 321) TECEP Library 11/21/11 3
Bus 101 DSST Liberty 12/14/12 3
Personal Finance (BUE 101) Course TESC 4/1/11 3
EDM-207 (FEMA IS-240) FEMA 1
EDM-103 (FEMA IS-7) FEMA 1
EDM-224 (FEMA IS-235) FEMA 1

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