This is a "test-friendly" BA in Sociology plan for Thomas Edison State University, however please note that two courses have no test-out option, including the Liberal Arts Capstone (capstone must be taken at TESU). Combine this plan with a current general ed test-out plan (such as Sanantone's General Education Options).

"Upper Level" Requirements

A minimum of 18 credits must be Upper Level (UL) -- the equivalent of a 300 or 400 level course. 3 of those credits will come from the Captsone, and 3 more will come from the Social Theory course if taken at TESU (no known test-out options for Social Theory). For the remaining 12, UL or lower level (LL) is denoted for the options below, however please verify these with an advisor (especially any marked with a ?).

Required Courses

  • Introduction to Sociology (LL) - TECEP, DSST, CLEP, UExcel, Straighterline,, Propero, CSU Global CBE, Coopersmith Career Consulting, (Saylor is only 1cr)
  • Social Theory TESU Online Course SOC-417 Contemporary Sociological Theory (UL). No known test-out options, but see CSU-Pueblo options below for possible independent study option (SOC 310: Social and Cultural Theory)
  • Methods of Sociological Research (or Statistics) Stats @ DSST, Straighterline, TECEP, UExcel, (LL)
  • LIB-495 Liberal Arts Capstone (no possible test-out, must be taken at TESU) (UL)

Sociology Electives

Pick any 7 below, making sure to get the required minimum of UL credits. As always, check with an advisor before attempting.

  • Marriage and the Family TECEP Marriage and the Family (SOC-210-TE) (LL)
  • Gerontology or UExcel Foundations of Gerontology (UL?), Social Gerontology TESU E-Pack (no TECEP - ePacks are similar to TECEPs but more expensive and a little more guided) (UL), 
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse DSST (UL)
  • Community Development CSU Global CBE (UL?)
  • Working in Modern Society CSU Global CBE (UL?)
  • Race, Gender, and Ethnic Relations in the U.S. CSU Global CBE (UL?)
  • Aging and Society ed4online (UL)
  • Criminology Propero (LL)
  • World Population UExcel (UL)
  • Cultural Diversity UExcel (UL)
  • Juvenile Delinquency UExcel (LL)
  • Social History of Jewish Food Coopersmith (UL?)
  • The Jewish Child in Traditional Jewish Society Coopersmith (LL)
  • Sociology of the Ba'al Teshuva Movement Coopersmith  (UL?)

CSU Pueblo Independent Study

If you are having trouble meeting all the requirements by the test-out options above, consider independent study options through Colorado State University Pueblo. Courses are expensive ($525 as of September 2016), but many options are provided. Courses are self-paced, but you are allowed a maximum of 12-16 weeks to finish. They currently offer almost 30 Sociology classes, many likely to transfer in as UL at TESU.

Please see their website: CSU Pueblo Independent Study Course Offerings

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