This is a "test-friendly" BA in Psych plan for Thomas Edison State University, however please note that two courses have no test-out option, including the Liberal Arts Capstone (capstone must be taken at TESU). Combine this plan with a current general ed test-out plan (such as Sanantone's General Education Options).

"Upper Level" Requirements

A minimum of 18 credits must be Upper Level (UL) -- the equivalent of a 300 or 400 level course. 3 of those credits will come from the Captsone, and 3 more will come from the Ethics in the Social Sciences course if taken at TESU (no known test-out options for Ethics in the Social Sciences). For the remaining 12, UL or lower level (LL) is denoted for the options below, however please verify these with an advisor (especially any marked with a ?).

Required Courses

  • Introduction to Psychology CLEP, UExcel Exams or Straighterline, or,, Propero, Coopersmith Career Consuting, ed4online (all LL)
  • Research in Experimental Psychology UExcel Research Methods in Psychology (UL), (LL), or Coopersmith (LL?)
  • Social Psychology TESU requires 6 credits of Social Psychology and courses can not duplicate. To satisfy this requirement, you can take the upper-level UExcel Social Psychology exam AND either the or ed4online option (both lower-level). You could also replace the UL UExcel exam with TESU's 3cr UL e-Pack course (see e-Pack section below), but e-Packs are expensive.
  • History and Systems of Psychology (UL?), Coopersmith (UL)
  • Physiological Psychology Coopersmith (UL)
  • Developmental Psychology Coopersmith Human Growth and Development (LL?), UExcel Life Span Developmental Psychology (LL), Human Growth and Development or Developmental Psychology (do not duplicate, LL), DSST Lifespan Development Psychology (LL)
  • Abnormal Psychology, TECEP (UL), UExcel (UL), Coopersmith (UL), (LL), ed4online (LL?)
  • Statistics TECEP, DSST, Straighterline,, Propero, or UExcel (all LL)
  • Ethics in the Social Sciences TESU online course SOS-450 (no known test-out) (UL)
  • Capstone TESU online course LIB-495 Liberal Arts Capstone (no possible test-out, must be taken at TESU)

Psychology Electives

If you tested out/transferred in the Social Psychology requirement and received a 3 credit waiver as discussed above, pick any three options below. If you took the 6 credit Social Pysch class with TESU and did not transfer it in (and no waiver was necessary) pick any two below. There are likely plenty of options available from many other sources that have not been listed below. 

  • Psychology of Women TECEP (LL)
  • Psychology of Adulthood & Aging UExcel (UL?), (LL)
  • Aging and Society Ed4Online (LL?) (a sociology course that TESU indicates will satisfy psych)
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse DSST (UL)
  • Fundamentals of Counseling DSST (LL)
  • Introduction to Educational Psychology CLEP, (both LL)
  • Organizational Behavior DSST, Straighterline,, Propero, Coopersmith (all LL?), CSU Global CBE Applied Organizational Psychology (UL?)
  • Forensic Psychology CSU Global CBE (UL?)

CSU Pueblo Independent Study

If you are having trouble meeting all the requirements by the test-out options above, consider independent study options through Colorado State University Pueblo. Courses are expensive (about $525 as of September 2016), but many options are provided. Courses are self-paced, but you are allowed a maximum of 12-16 weeks to finish. They currently offer 11 Psychology classes, many likely to transfer in as UL at TESU.

Please see their website: CSU Pueblo Independent Study Course Offerings


If you're not opposed to TESU's ePacks, which are basically very expensive test-outs, you have these options...

e-Packs for Some (not all) Required Courses

  • Introduction to Psychology (PSY-101) (LL)
  • Research in Experimental Psychology (PSY-322) (UL)
  • Introduction to Social Psychology (PSY-370) (only 3 credits and 3 additional LL credits will need to be completed elsewhere, such as or ed4online)
  • Developmental Psychology (PSY-211) (LL)
  • Abnormal Psychology (PSY-350) (UL)
  • Principles of Statistics (STA-201) (LL)

e-Packs Elective Options (all UL)

  • Thanatology: An Understanding of Death and Dying (PSY-300)
  • Introduction to Counseling (PSY-331)
  • Psychology of Personality (PSY-352)
  • Industrial Psychology (PSY-363)