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Overview Edit

Surprisingly, some sources of credit are absolutely free of cost. There are only a handful of these, but they exist. And, they are typically unproctored, untimed, and repeatable until you get the passing score necessary.

NOTE: Verify current ACE-approval status for all of these prior to attempting, and check with an advisor as to how they'll fit into your degree plan.

TEEX Cybersecurity Edit

Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) offers three ACE-approved courses recommended for 2 credits each. These are DHS/FEMA funded and therefore free for the general public to take.

  • Cyber 101 - Cybersecurity for Everyone (2 credits)
  • Cyber 201 - Cybersecurity for IT Professionals (2 credits)
  • Cyber 301 - Cybersecurity for Business Professionals (2 credits)

To signup, use the following link and make sure you sign up for all classes under these three headings, there are multiple courses per heading: Cyber 101, 201, 301:

After you are enrolled, use this login URL to take the classes:

National Fire Academy Edit

The National Emergency Training Center/National Fire Academy (NFA) offers two free courses that are ACE-recommended for 1 credit each.

  • Q0118 Self-Study Course for Community Safey Educators  (1 credit)
  • Q0318 Fire Service Supervision: Self Study (1 credit)

To signup, use the following link and find these three course codes in the list: Q0118, Q0318:

After you are enrolled, use this login URL to take the classes:

The Institutes Edit

The American Institute For Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters (commonly referred to as "The Institutes") offer a free ethics course that is ACE recommended for 2 credits.

  • 312N-H Ethics and the CPCU Code of Professional Conduct (2 credits) - an upper level ethics/philosophy course that meet's TESU's General Education "ethics" requirement (you might have to ask for an exception to be made for the last credit, but typically this is automatically granted. The 3rd credit is to be made up as a general ed elective).

To signup, use the following link:

Select the FREE option. You should not do the $5 option. The paid option is for "Continuing Education credit," which is different than college credit. The free version is ACE approved for college credit.

FEMA Independent Study Edit

The Federal Emergency Management Agency operates an online Independent Study program offering approximately 120 courses online for free. Of the more than 100 FEMA courses, certain ones are acceptable as transfer credit at Charter Oak State College (or, with some hassle and great expense, Excelsior College). Thomas Edison State University no longer accepts FEMA credits.

See Federal Emergency Management Agency Independent Study Program for more information

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