This is a list of common sources of free or cheap ACE- or NCCRS-approved college credit options that are commonly used by the DegreeForum community. This info was initially compiled by DegreeForum user bjcheung77, and has been revised expanded on by our wikia community.

Free Sources

Cheap Sources

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Note: Prices listed are as of December 2016.

  • Saylor Academy - Courses are free, but you pay a $25/proctored final for credits. I tell people to think of it as a cheaper version of a CLEP/DSST/UExcel/TECEP etc exam, for the type of credit. I would choose these and study with additional resources over the proctored exams, you can test at home too! Unless of course, there is no equivalent exam for credit, I'll go for the CLEP/DSST/UExcel/TECEP
  • Straighterline - $99/month membership, plus typically $49-$69 per 3 credit course. Coupons often available. They have many courses, if you can finish more than 5 a month, it's cheaper than taking exams. Many people use this as you are graded on open book course work, the proctored final is 25% of grade. Finish courses quickly and you save a bundle, if you have a mediocre final, it won't affect the grade as much.
  • - $200/month, 2 credit exams included per month (additional exams can be purchased for $70 after the first two). Annual option available at $990+/year for 72 credits (2 courses a month). This is a great option if you have the time. You can take many of the required courses here and transfer them to the Big 3 or other universities. These are courses with study material, but the credit comes from the final exam only, nothing else. I would recommend them for several upper level courses in their transfer to TESU/COSC, etc.
  • CLEP, DSST, and UExcel are done at in-person testing centers, CLEP/DSST are about $100 + sitting fee of $20 (depending on location). UExcel are done at PearsonVue centers, are more expensive, generally $145+sitting fee.
  • TECEP exams are done online, so it's great when you can do it at home for $114.
  • CSU-Global CBE are online exams as well, great for Upper Level at $250/exam
  • ed4online - Approximately $195/3 credit course, recommended for hard to find Upper Level courses 
  • Propero/Sophia - Approximately $299/3 credit course, recommended for hard to find Upper Level courses 
  • Penn Foster - Although they are NA (Nationally Accredited), they have many courses that are ACE Recommended. Each course is $299/3 credits and transferable to the Big 3. You should get pre-approval from the Big 3 first. They are using "snail mail" correspondence style, good value - upper level credit for mainly Business Courses.